Does Cisco endanger our safety

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Does Cisco endanger our safety

recently, the intelligence committee of the US House of Representatives issued a report saying that Huawei and ZTE may pose a security threat to us national security, and warned us companies not to do business with these two Chinese companies. Since then, the US side has not provided sufficient evidence and still insists on continuing the investigation. According to foreign media reports, 73 members of the U.S. Congress hold shares in Cisco, Huawei's arch rival. According to experts' analysis, Cisco is the behind the scenes manipulator of this matter

the behavior of the United States this time can be called farce, because there is really no evidence to prove that Huawei and ZTE have caused harm to the national security of the United States, and it is not difficult to see that the American Telecommunications Enterprise Cisco is intent on completely kicking its rival Huawei out of its territory. In fact, if China's Huawei telecom equipment will endanger the national security of the United States, it is better to think from another angle, will Cisco, which has tentacles all over the world, endanger China's national security? Personally, I think it is necessary for China to investigate Cisco. We can first look at the following cases:

on July 12, 2005, Beijing connect ADSL and LAN experiment, which carried more than 2million users, showed the relative error of the indicated value: 1% of the broadband of the indicated value was suddenly interrupted in a large area at the same time. This accident has affected about 200000 people in Beijing in recent years. The backbone of China's Internet starts from the rack, and most of the hardware and software are Cisco router devices, including hardware and software

in December 2009, ZDNet reported that the computer emergency response team of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found security vulnerabilities in the network equipment produced by Cisco and other four companies, and hackers can use these security vulnerabilities to enter the enterprise's computer network

2010, researchers from ripencc and Duke University found in the laboratory that Cisco router software had serious vulnerabilities. On the one hand, the research direction of scientific research institutions needs to be highly consistent with the development field of enterprises. A short-term Internet paralysis accident occurred, which affected about 1% of the Internet

these events are enough to show that American enterprises such as Cisco are definitely not perfect. It has many problems. Who can prove that these problems do not contain factors endangering China's national security

China is gradually rising and prosperous, but its information security review system is not perfect, and it does not meet the vigilance of the United States to protect national security and corporate interests. This time, we should learn from the United States by reviewing the Huawei incident, and also carefully examine whether Cisco is suitable to continue to develop in China, whether there are security vulnerabilities, and announce to the outside world at the same time of the review: given that Cisco is under review, its security is still uncertain, Relevant departments do not recommend the use of its products. As Teng Fei, director of the industrial security research center of the International Institute of technology and economics at the development research center of the State Council, said, China should learn from the commercial security inspection system of the United States. Under the background of more trade protectionism, it is very urgent for China to make more efforts in the economic security and industrial security system, and to improve laws and regulations and all aspects of operation as soon as possible

is it possible to think that this Huawei's obstruction of the road to the United States is to a large extent Cisco's manipulation of Congress and the United States' trade protection? As some experts say, this is the consistent style of the United States, because it can't stop China and Chinese enterprises from becoming stronger and stronger. Now calling on the government to review Cisco is not a tit for tat, but to learn from the practice of the United States, but also to achieve the purpose of truly protecting national security

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