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Consultation: the word consultation appears frequently in newspapers and magazines, and many enterprise managers often talk about it. In the final analysis, what is consultation? In my opinion, consulting plays the role of enterprise doctor

when an enterprise develops to a certain scale, it will encounter various problems, such as the lack of a clear development direction, the huge size of the enterprise organization, the decline of the operation efficiency of the enterprise, and the loss of enterprise personnel... For these problems, the enterprise itself often lacks sufficient experience and ability, Under the condition of ensuring the competitiveness of the enterprise, the cost of improvement and adjustment, or the cost of such improvement and adjustment by the enterprise itself, is far greater than its harvest. In this case, the enterprise urgently needs an organization that can help the enterprise analyze the "symptoms", find out the reasons, and provide solutions, so that the enterprise can avoid detours, or even detours, and solve the problems, It brings new space for the development of enterprises, so consulting came into being. If the problems encountered in the process of enterprise development are compared to "diseases", then consultation is the doctor of the enterprise, who can find the "cause" by analyzing the "symptoms", and apply the right medicine to the case for treatment. This is like a person who is ill. If he has a minor illness, he can usually be cured without looking for a doctor. But if he is seriously ill, if he looks for a doctor (of course, a doctor with a certain level, not a quack), he can generally recover after being diagnosed by a doctor, determining the cause and taking appropriate treatment; If you don't find a doctor, there is no hope of cure, but the rate is often very low, and you have to take the wrong medicine and take the wrong medicine indiscriminately. Therefore, consulting is the best choice for enterprises to "treat diseases"

there are many kinds of diseases. As a doctor, it is unrealistic to cure all diseases. Usually, it is more professional for a certain or a certain kind of disease, so doctors are divided into many categories, such as surgeons, physicians, psychologists and so on. The same is true for consulting. So you will see that, according to the different "causes" of enterprises, consulting is also divided into strategic consulting, management consulting, technical consulting, information consulting, etc

so how does consultation diagnose the symptoms of enterprises and suit the remedy to the case

Chinese traditional medicine pays attention to "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting", and finds out the cause of disease through the use of these means. For consultation, these methods are also applicable

hope: it is mainly through the external performance of the enterprise, such as business conditions, financial conditions, personnel conditions, etc., to understand the current state of the enterprise, that is, to understand the "symptoms" of the enterprise, so as to generally judge the etiological scope of the enterprise

smell: on the basis of "looking", we can know the symptoms, but how does this symptom happen? This requires that through communication with enterprise personnel, the enterprise management personnel speak out their views on the "symptoms" and "causes" of the enterprise, so as to speed up the judgment of the cause

Q: through the process of "looking" and "smelling", ultrasonic fatigue experiments can be carried out under different load characteristics, different environments and temperatures. Consultants have a deeper understanding of the "symptoms" and causes of the enterprise. On this basis, combined with their own experience, they can form a clear view of the "cause" of the enterprise. Is this view correct? It is necessary to ask various questions to enterprise managers to obtain information and confirm the correctness of diagnosis

cut: whether the etiology found by "looking, smelling and asking" is reliable should be verified by "cutting". The so-called "cut" here is the process of confirming the diagnosis conclusion through the consultants' personal penetration into the actual business of the enterprise

through the investigation of these means, it can be said that the "cause" is found, but how to prescribe the prescription? This is the level of inspection and consultation. When we see a doctor, we like to find an older doctor, because we think that the older doctor has more experience, will encounter more diseases, and will have a greater assurance of cure. This is also true for consulting. Of course, if you choose different "doctors", the cost will be different. It can be said that there are no two identical enterprises in the world, even if the "symptoms" shown by enterprises are the same. Dust proof experimental equipment in this category, radar ultrasonic liquid level gauge relying on high precision, high reliability and fast operation is loved by shopping malls, but its "cause" can not be exactly the same. Therefore, no method can be applied to all enterprises. Consulting is to be based on experience and according to the actual situation of enterprises, Use innovation to provide enterprises with the best solution, that is, in strategy, there can be some general methods of consulting, but in tactics, for each specific enterprise, its methods are differentiated

many enterprises in China are in a period of rapid growth. This rapid growth has made the strategy, organization and management of many enterprises unable to keep up with the development of enterprises. The fierce competition in the market for this project will break through many major technical difficulties in the field of modified high molecular materials manufacturing, which has not allowed enterprises to explore slowly or give enterprises the opportunity to go the wrong way. Therefore, consulting will become an inevitable choice for enterprises. However, we should also see that the consulting industry in China is still very young, and there is still a big gap in strength and experience compared with international consulting giants. But we should have confidence. First of all, the growth of things from small to large is the necessity of development. Secondly, China's complex enterprise situation also provides a lot of opportunities for consulting to grow experience, so that China's consulting also has the opportunity to grow faster. Thirdly, the huge market provides fertile soil for consulting. It is hoped that China's consulting industry can grow as soon as possible and become a qualified enterprise "doctor"

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