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Does glass brick have any special advantages

the glass brick we know is a kind of material commonly used for decoration, and it is also often used in construction and even more industries. Glass brick is a block or hollow box shaped glass product pressed with transparent or colored glass frit. Glass brick is colorful, has many styles, and is decorated in various occasions. The effect achieved is also very eye-catching, so many users often regard it as a work of art that lights up the whole indoor style. So what are the special advantages of glass brick in our life? Next, let's explain in detail some special advantages of glass bricks:

1. Sound insulation

due to the particularity of its material, it can have excellent sound insulation effect whether it is used beside noisy roads or around factories. The noise on the roads can be adjusted to the level of a quiet office in the low-frequency domain (125Hz), and in the high-frequency domain (only 2000Hz can be treated as domestic waste), Adjust to the level of night residence. Therefore, glass brick structure is an ideal way to solve the high sound insulation requirements

2. It has high transmittance and selective perspectivity

the high transmittance of such products is unmatched by many materials, and has a very broad utilization prospect. It can also diffuse the light to make the whole room full of soft light, which solves the discomfort caused by direct sunlight. In addition, the sunlight can also achieve secondary transmittance, or even tertiary transmittance through the glass brick wall, greatly improving the level of indoor light environment, Make the indoor atmosphere stable. 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other non freezing liquid, soft

3. Flexible use

the use of this kind of products is relatively convenient, and the range of use is also relatively wide, and the combination of bricks of different specifications can show a variety of aesthetic feelings. For example, after using glass bricks in the bathroom, it can not only solve the problem of moisture resistance, but also have a hazy implicit beauty. If you use glass bricks separately, there will be a continuous beauty of space. If the balcony is built with a glass brick facade, you can rest assured of rust and corrosion resistance

the above is all the detailed introduction about the advantages of glass brick. Don't just look at these simple advantages, but they play a very important role in practical application in life, which proves the importance of the advantages of glass brick. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you

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