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On February 7, 2018, China's 34th Antarctic exploration team held a groundbreaking ceremony for the site selection of China's fifth Antarctic exploration station on rosheinksburg Island, Antarctica. According to the plan, the new Ross Sea station is expected to be completed in 2022. At that time, it will have a chemical Antarctic investigation station that can carry out various scientific investigations in the region and meet the summer and winter management

one year later, the "Snow Dragon" vessel, which is carrying out China's 35th Antarctic exploration mission, sailed into the roslanova Bay in the southwest pole again and began a new journey on the enxburg island

CCTV one set of "evening" and CCTV channel "Live Room" carried out a documentary report on the construction of China's 35th Antarctic scientific research team at the new station in the Ross Sea

CCTV's 35th Antarctic scientific research documentary report

enksburg Island, also known as unspeakable Island, is known for its unspeakable winds. The maximum observed wind speed can reach 43.4 M/s. After the first simple facilities were built in 2018, many places were buried under deep snow this year. It is understood that it took the team members of the new station a full four hours to dig one, excavator and crane out of the ice and snow, which is an indispensable force to continue to restore facilities and complete unloading operations

Liugong equipment in China's 35th Antarctic exploration mission

while the facilities in the station are gradually restored, the unloading operation is also increasing, followed by a tight start. The cost of Ross to the battery pack is still very high. The working environment and living conditions of Haixin station are very difficult. Without the guarantee of complete facilities, not only the work, but also the team members need to improve a little, but also the life. There are many difficulties here that people at home cannot imagine

at present, Liugong has a total of 7 equipment, including loaders, excavators, automobiles, etc., participating in the scientific research of jizhongshan station, Great Wall Station and roshai new station in Antarctica. The excellent performance of these seven equipment in the Antarctic mission fully demonstrates the reliability and efficiency of Liugong equipment in the harsh low-temperature environment, and also fully confirms the adaptability of domestic equipment in the Antarctic. Liugong equipment interprets the brand connotation of Liugong "extreme working conditions, strong equipment" with strength

CCTV 35th Antarctic scientific research documentary report

now, the scientific research team building the new station is also on the return journey. However, the task of building a new station is far from over. The Chinese people's understanding of the south pole, the protection of the South Pole and the use of the South Pole experimental machine are an important field in China's machinery industry, and the cause is still ongoing

Liu Gong will also continue to take serving the scientific research cause of the north and south poles as his own responsibility, and has the functions of low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle and displacement cycle. He will actively carry out innovation, product development and service guarantee under extreme working conditions, and continue to contribute to the scientific research work in the extreme environment of Antarctica by virtue of stable and reliable product quality. (this article is from Liugong)

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