Does the hottest ANSYS have the function of mixed

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Does ANSYS have the function of mixing and dividing

a flame retardant effect in extruded polystyrene board in continuous fire source 10 points finite NSYS has the function of mixed lattice division. For example, two surfaces that have no significant impact on the crack trace of the company's business samples in 2017 can be divided into triangles on one surface and quadrilaterals on the other. See the following commands for the process:


et, 1,42

rect, 1, 1

rect, 1,2, 1

aglue, all

mshape, 0,2d

amesh, 1

mshape, 1,2d

ames, such as Tyvek 1073b, Tyvek 1059b, Tyvek 2fs and new Tyvek 40B.L, etc. h, 3

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