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69 products in 9 categories have been listed with "electronic supervision code" since July. According to the notice requirements jointly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, China has implemented electronic supervision on 69 key products in 9 categories, including household appliances, agricultural materials, gas appliances, food, cosmetics, which have been included in the production license and compulsory product certification (CCC) of industrial products since July 1, Products need to be pasted with electronic supervision code before they can be produced and sold

it is reported that the implementation of electronic supervision is to issue an electronic ID card, that is, an electronic supervision code, to each individual product. This move aims to further accelerate the establishment of product quality and food safety traceability system and product quality supervision network, strengthen the supervision of key products, and improve the product identification system and inspection system

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision told that China's electronic supervision of product quality is a scientific innovation that uses modern information technology, network technology and coding technology to implement real and traceable supervision of product quality. Supervision starts with the basic problem of quality traceability, and organically combines government supervision, enterprise self-discipline and social supervision. For consumers, by querying the electronic supervision code, consumers can quickly understand the product quality information, prevent the infringement of fake and shoddy products, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. For the market, regulation not only helps to create a good market order, but also purifies the market and optimizes the consumption environment. For enterprises, supervision is conducive to protecting their independent intellectual property rights, standardizing their production management and improving their market competitiveness; It is beneficial for enterprises to improve the efficiency of obtaining certificates and tickets, promote the improvement of enterprise reputation, expand enterprise sales, and effectively promote enterprises to implement famous brand strategy and brand strategy. For the government of the commissioning of the metallurgical alumina energy conservation and emission reduction project of zhengzhongzhou aluminum industry, supervision can not only help the government grasp the links with quality problems or loopholes in time and take law enforcement actions quickly, but also play a positive role in improving the quality of its own supervision and building a service-oriented government

in the future, after purchasing 69 kinds of key products in these 9 categories, citizens can enter the electronic supervision of product quality in China through the marks on the products, or check the name, trademark, shelf life, production date and other information of the products through, SMS and other means to confirm that they buy reassuring products. At the same time, it can also supervise the law enforcement departments to grasp the information of fake and shoddy products in time, prevent fake and shoddy products from entering the circulation and consumer market, and truly let safe products enter the people's homes

in order to introduce the use of electronic supervision codes in consumer life, so that consumers can better and faster buy and use code assigned products and actively query electronic supervision codes, yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision was contacted for an exclusive interview on this matter

Q: what are the implementation principles of electronic supervision of product quality in China

answer: the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China will, in accordance with the principle of combining compulsory implementation with voluntary entry, follow the policy of step-by-step implementation, first easy, then difficult, and gradually promote, and implement compulsory entry for products involving safety and subject to administrative license, products with Chinese famous brands and products exempted from national inspection

Q: Why did you choose nine categories of products, including household appliances, wood-based panels, wires and cables, agricultural materials, gas appliances, labor protection products, electric blankets, food and cosmetics, as the first batch of imported products

A: according to the wishes of the people and the quality of our products, our country has implemented a system of strict government supervision on key products. The report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China also puts forward clear requirements to ensure the quality of products and food, and the particles are fine and sometimes porcelain); Terminal fault area (the residual section is not enough to support the peak stress, and the static fracture is complete due to overload. Some products are identified as electronic supervision products, which is our requirements for strict supervision, improving quality and ensuring safety. We have noticed that these products are products related to health and safety. These products include food, electrical consumer products, wood-based panels, agricultural materials products, which are closely related to the people.

for these products The implementation of electronic supervision takes into account the actual overall quality level of these products and the needs of the people. These kinds of products themselves are also products subject to administrative licensing in our country, and the production enterprises should be licensed and certified. In addition, among these products, people complain more about quality problems, which should be the focus of government supervision

ask: is there any way to query the electronic supervision code, and does it need to charge

answer: there are many kinds of electronic supervision codes, query terminals, network and SMS queries. With the continuous progress of technology, consumer demand standards are also improving. Through and 114 queries, shopping malls' query terminals and online queries are free, which will not increase the burden on consumers. At present, the inquiry device is not very common. The simplest way is to directly call the inquiry, input a group of numbers under the electronic supervision code as required, and the electronic supervision database can tell the real information of this product. If the information queried by the system is abnormal, the system will automatically transfer the relevant information to the law enforcement department, which will immediately trace and investigate these products. Consumers can also call 12365 to report

Q: it is said that before July 1st, 2008, 69 key products in 9 categories need to be electronically supervised to achieve 100% listing. Now the time limit has expired. Has this goal been achieved? What measures have been taken to ensure the realization

answer: the implementation of electronic supervision requires that each individual product be issued an electronic ID card, so that we can timely link the supervision of the production, circulation and use of this product. In addition, producers, consumers, administrative departments and regulatory departments use the code of electronic ID card to find problems in time. If there are problems, you can find them in time, trace them in time and solve them in time. However, to assign a code to all incoming products, each product needs to solve technical problems. At present, the vast majority of enterprises listed in the catalogue have applied for entry, and some products have been listed with codes, that is, they have entered the market with their ID cards

July 1 is the time for the implementation of this system. According to the requirements, it must be entered on July 1. If there are technical problems in realizing the listing of code granting, it can be achieved after being solved. Of course, some enterprises have more inventory of old packaging. At this time, they can use up the old packaging. There is a transition period in the middle. Generally, the transition period is to the end of this year. Some of them are technically difficult. We can also appropriately take special measures to deal with them, or extend the time, or some small products are not easy to assign codes. Turn a single product into a box or a bag, and do some processing on the packaging. However, by the end of this year, these 69 products will be launched with their own electronic ID cards

Q: what information can we learn about the product by querying the electronic supervision code? What is the difference with the previous bar code? How to judge the authenticity through these information

answer: the electronic supervision code uses bar code technology and information technology to conduct real-time supervision. We collectively call it automatic identification technology, bar code technology and network information technology. These technologies are combined to implement the supervision method. Bar code is one code for each variety, and electronic supervision code is one code for each product. For example, the paper cup in front of us has produced 1billion barcode, which is a code. Now add electronic supervision code, 1billion products need 1billion codes, and the codes of each product are different. It can't be fake. If it's fake, the network system will find it right away. If the same number is queried in three different places, the system will immediately report it to the law enforcement department for law enforcement investigation

Q: will joining electronic supervision increase the cost of enterprises

answer: the cost of product coding is mainly in the printing process. The method of assigning code can be printing code, spraying code or pasting code. The printing quality is better, and there will be a little increase in cost, but it will be very small. The influence of humidity, that is, moisture, is about a few cents. After assigning codes to enterprise products, the previous anti-counterfeiting marks can be used, which can reduce some costs accordingly

what we are calculating now is the cost of single printing and packaging. If we calculate this account comprehensively, it will provide a lot of convenience for the future management of the enterprise, the crackdown on counterfeits, and the close relationship between the enterprise and customers. If this is included, the enterprise will have another benefit. Therefore, compared with each other, many enterprises, including those whose products have been listed with codes, do not think that they have increased costs, and some have also reduced the original costs

Q: joining electronic supervision requires reporting the relevant information of many enterprises. Some enterprises are worried that they will disclose the core secrets of enterprises. What measures does the quality inspection department have in protecting enterprise information

answer: the main information that consumers can obtain through inquiry is the most important information such as the manufacturer's name, address, product name, production date, shelf life (depending on the product type). The information that an enterprise needs to submit to join the electronic supervision is the information that the enterprise should disclose to the public, and does not involve confidential issues. Only the full-time personnel of the enterprise can query and count the database information through the key into the system, and other departments cannot view this information

ask: if the electronic supervision code is pasted, there is still a problem with the product quality. Who should be investigated

answer: the enterprise should be investigated. The enterprise is the first person of quality. The country has strict standards and laws and regulations for all imported products. If it fails to meet this requirement, it assigns the product to the market, and the enterprise is fully responsible. Does the government have any? Yes, we are in charge of supervision. If we find a problem, we must deal with it. If we don't deal with it, we are in charge. People complain and report that there is a problem with the quality, so I must deal with it. If I don't deal with it, I will bear it. The government must be responsible for this matter

Q: are all Olympic food pasted with electronic supervision codes? Will electronic supervision adopt special supervision means and measures for Olympic food safety supervision

answer: Olympic food is a big concept. We have stipulated that Olympic food needs to use electronic supervision code, which refers to the fixed-point supply, that is, the restaurant where the Olympic athletes' village, officials, staff and media participating in the Olympic organization competition live and dine together. The food in these places must be strictly supervised to ensure food safety, and the electronic supervision code must be used, Now the system has been implemented for food supply for the Olympic Games

Q: where can I check the electronic supervision code directly at the cashier at present? When can we popularize the cashier inquiry system in all shopping malls and supermarkets

A: now, more than 2 billion products have been listed with codes in China, but this amount is not particularly large. Some large supermarkets have installed automatic identification systems, that is, they can scan and query at the checkout. For example, Wumart supermarket in Beijing, guangbai supermarket in Guangzhou and Tianhong mall in Shenzhen have special areas for electronic supervision code products

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