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The four letter encrypted wireless communication module escorts the electric safety

as the construction of intelligent electricity enters a critical period, the safe and stable operation of electricity puts forward higher requirements for communication architecture, security, reliability, etc. Recently, in view of the great threat to the security of the power system caused by the unencrypted power communication equipment, Jiangxi and Zhejiang electric power companies recently issued work plans to accelerate the use of encryption modules on power terminals, make every effort to consolidate the security foundation and strengthen the supervision of relevant departments

it is reported that this work deployment takes Xinyu in Jiangxi, Hangzhou and Yiwu in Zhejiang as pilot projects, and then advances to the whole province. As the first supplier of the local electric encryption wireless communication module, Sixin led the technical team to the site after understanding the needs of customers. In view of the security vulnerabilities of the electric system, Sixin adopted modules f2814-dks and f2816-dks to connect with the local power distribution terminals to realize the encrypted transmission of data, so as to avoid the human invasion of the power distribution system and cause losses

problems such as benefit decline and unfair structure

the four letter module is applied to Xinyu fault location system and Yiwu DTU

which is safer and more convenient. The four letter module stands out

1. Data transmission is locked and encryption processing is more secure

the power distribution equipment has built-in four letter wireless communication modules f2814-dks and f2816-dks, which transmit the operation of the power distribution system and all kinds of information to the main station through the encryption module. At the same time, The wireless communication module can also transmit the commands issued by the master station to the terminal to realize remote monitoring

topology of data security transmission

four letter wireless communication modules f2814-dks and f2816-dks are equipped with special security chips for Beijing smart chip micro and Nari on the basis of ordinary communication modules, with SM1, SM2, sm32 required for national commercial password products. Is the equipment equipped with microcomputer control (in terms of delivery: the early morning shock of iron ore 1609 contract is stronger, such as microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine (floor type)? Algorithm, des/3des encryption module, RSA public key algorithm engine, true random number generator and other security protection mechanisms. In addition, the chip provides 32-bit hardware encryption processor, which can be used to realize public key algorithm, digest algorithm, AES, DES and other symmetric algorithms, and the data transmission meets the power level standard

2. Embedded design, small size, more convenient docking equipment

the module supports power iec101/iec104 protocol, and seamlessly connects the power master station and field automation terminal; Embedded design, small size, in line with the structural requirements of power distribution automation equipment; Dual serial port design, serial port debugging and communication mode can be configured, and debugging and equipment log export are supported

3. Multi data center synchronous transmission

embedded standard tcp/udp protocol, supporting transparent data transmission; Support backup transmission of dual data centers and synchronous transmission of multiple data centers (5 data centers), so as to facilitate the management department to obtain data and strengthen supervision

4. The equipment supports remote operation and is more efficient.

the terminal can be connected to the equipment remote management platform to centrally monitor, configure, upgrade, diagnose and maintain the equipment scattered in various areas, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs of operators, integrators and equipment providers and improves management efficiency

at present, the construction of smart electricity has become the only way for the country to optimize infrastructure. Only by adhering to the original intention and forging ahead, can enterprises stand out in the huge power market and have been tested for a long time. If you want to do a good job, you must first use its tools. Sixin smart power focuses on the power IOT software, which only processes these simple raw data. It has constantly explored the industry, and has created a series of solutions for traditional power facilities with the industry-leading technical level, as a sharp tool for smart power construction

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