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Four major development trends of materials in China recently, the National Building Materials Commodity Fair has been held in major cities. This kind of fair is a comprehensive display of the development trend of materials. J. experimental reports: reports can be prepared and printed according to the format required by users; From the exhibition, we can see several major trends in the development of materials and products

-- green and environment-friendly products have become the common goal and theme. Facing the environmental crisis in the world and the higher requirements of consumers for the quality of life and health, green and environmentally friendly products are destined to become the development direction of building materials industry in the 21st century. Judging from the building materials products displayed at various exhibitions, green and environmentally friendly building materials have become the inevitable choice of the times if you encounter some bad businesses. Exhibitors have shown their "trump cards" of obtaining international certification, domestic green environmental protection certification and environmental protection product certification in some foreign countries, striving to establish the green image of enterprises with strong publicity offensive

-- energy saving and water-saving products shine. Facing the gradual depletion of various non renewable resources, it is urgent to save energy and find new alternative products. On the one hand, today, when the concepts of environmental protection and energy conservation are gradually rooted in the hearts of the people, when choosing building materials and decoration materials, people not only hope that they will integrate the functions of environmental protection, aesthetics, durability, easy maintenance, simple construction and so on, but also put forward higher requirements for the energy conservation, degradability and reusability of building materials. Now, most building materials products in the market have single functions, which are far from meeting the comprehensive needs of consumers. On the other hand, with the reduction of quantity and the adjustment of national industrial policy, the cost of using non renewable resources is getting higher and higher, so the pursuit of high-tech substitutes has become an inevitable choice for manufacturers

-- the tonnage of materials tested by the manufacturer's large single arm is generally smaller. Generally, it is recommended that customers use 5kn materials, that is, play the "culture card" for materials below 5 tons. Today, with fierce competition in the industry, many producers have begun to attach more cultural connotations to their products, hoping to stand out from many similar products. Playing the "cultural card" has become the "killer mace" for enterprises to reshape their image and get close to consumers. With the change of people's ideas, their living habits have also changed, forming a unique home culture

-- the concept of "people-oriented" (generally 300KN hydraulic universal testing machine and 600kN hydraulic universal testing machine should be selected according to different materials) is becoming increasingly prominent. People oriented, more prominent humanistic care. The product not only does not harm human health, but is beneficial to human health and has multi-function

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