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Four innovations have improved the Yongkang experience of "machine replacement" in smart agriculture, which has attracted attention

the rice riding high-speed transplanter with its own electronic control transplanting automatic balance system and simulated artificial transplanting claws can transplant seedlings of 2.25 mu in one hour at the fastest; The air suction precision Hill seeding assembly line of rice went online; The application of multi-purpose crawler farming technology, transplanter driverless technology, tractor driverless Technology... On May 13-14, at the provincial rice planting mechanization technology and synchronous side deep fertilization technology field meeting held in Yongkang, the wonderful performances of rice planting mechanization technology, rice planting synchronous side deep fertilization technology and applicable machines and tools made colleagues from all over Zhejiang refreshing

smart Agriculture: agricultural equipment and technology "fly together"

on May 13, the provincial on-site meeting became a big gathering of all kinds of advanced agricultural machinery, and the grain production function area became a big stage to show the performance of all kinds of agricultural machinery: various types of rice sowing and seedling raising equipment and rice transplanters, tractors, rice planting synchronous side deep fertilization machine, rice hole direct seeding machine, agricultural machinery operation monitoring system and other equipment appeared one after another

"I didn't expect that Yongkang modern agriculture has reached such a high level. Whether it's the level of agricultural mechanization, or synchronous side deep fertilization and other technologies, it's an eye opener." There is still a big gap in the sealing machine industry in China, said Yang Xiaoping, an expert from the general station of agricultural machinery identification and promotion

it is reported that in 2016, Yongkang City was listed as the first batch of demonstration counties in the province to create "machine replacement" in the agricultural field. Yongkang City is committed to improving the coverage of agricultural machinery and equipment, improving the socialized service of agricultural machinery, promoting the expansion of agricultural "machine replacement" to a larger scope and a higher level, accelerating the pace of "machine replacement" in the agricultural field, and improving the level of agricultural mechanization

Yongkang agricultural and rural Bureau and agricultural machinery management station have long organized agricultural machinery experts to go deep into the fields, carry out technical guidance and agricultural machinery safety publicity and supervision in the links of machine tillage, machine insertion, machine harvesting, machine drying, etc., and improve the popularity and safety utilization of agricultural machinery in the main links

in addition, Yongkang agricultural machinery management station, as the specific implementation unit of "machine replacement" in the agricultural field, is specially staffed and implemented to implement one-stop services in the management, promotion, training, safety supervision and other aspects of agricultural machinery, improve farmers' recognition of mechanization, establish and improve the assessment mechanism, and effectively speed up the process of mechanization of rice production

by the end of last year, Yongkang had a total power of 302500 kW of agricultural machinery, 56800 mu of rice machinery planting area, 96000 mu of rice machine farming area, 94900 mu of rice machine harvesting area, more than 85% of the comprehensive mechanization level of rice production, cultivation and harvest, more than 94000 mu of straw crushing and returning to the field, 46000 tons of grain machine drying, 1388 tons of batch drying capacity, and the whole process of rice production has basically been mechanized

Yangxi rice production professional cooperative in Shizhu Town, Yongkang City is a national demonstration professional cooperative. Walking into Yaotang village, you can see three white columnar flat top granaries of the cooperative from a distance. Zhang yaolu, a staff member of the cooperative, told that the standardized granary was a new equipment added by the cooperative last year, which solved the problems that easily affected the quality of rice such as wind and sun when storing grain in the past, and scientifically stored rice through intelligent temperature and wind control

at the same time, the cooperative has also newly introduced and installed an automatic grain feeding system, which can directly send the rice to the warehouse through the conveyor belt after installation, changing the commonly used manual grain feeding method in the past, so as to save time and effort. This system was used for the first time in the drying operation in Yongkang City, and played a positive role in promoting the "machine replacement" in the agricultural field

machine replacement: four innovations create "Yongkang experience"

in recent years, in the agricultural and rural areas, Yongkang City has relied on its strong hardware manufacturing capacity and innovation level to feed agriculture with industry and promote business with agriculture, focusing on the implementation of agricultural "machine replacement" in leading industries such as grain and oil, grapes, mushrooms, etc., actively promoting innovation and development in policies, mechanisms, technology, management, and making "machine replacement" a trend in the agricultural field

policy innovation - implement the subsidy policy for rice (wheat) drying. Since 201 can realize the precise control of any rate within a certain range for six years, Yongkang City has issued a document to subsidize 30 yuan per ton for farmers who directly carry out mechanical drying after rice (wheat) harvest and reach the grain storage standard after drying. For the agricultural machinery (Technology) service organization that implements the whole process mechanized service of rice production in the whole village (machine farming, machine cutting, combined prevention and control, machine harvesting, machine drying), and whose unified service area reaches more than 85% of the arable area of the administrative village, a subsidy of 200 yuan per mu will be given. This policy has effectively mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers and increased the promotion of grain drying machinery

not only that, Yongkang municipal finance has continuously encouraged the enthusiasm of garment people to grow grain and promoted the increase of grain production and farmers' income by strictly implementing grain subsidies, constantly innovating agricultural technology, comprehensively promoting agricultural insurance, and land scale transfer. The average annual subsidy for large-scale planting households is more than 15million yuan. Actively integrate funds of 150million yuan, complete the construction of 15000 Mu grain production functional areas in 146 blocks, and ensure the safety of grain production

mechanism innovation - establish the agricultural ecological cycle mode of "straw for fertilizer". "Straw for fertilizer" is a straw collection, storage and transportation mode that Yongkang City will polish and chrome plated in the capital of the province. With Yongkang Tangxian organic fertilizer processing plant (straw collection, storage and transportation center) as the main body, and "straw for fertilizer" as the collection and storage method, that is, "one kilogram of straw for one kilogram of commercial organic fertilizer", Yongkang City Finance will give a subsidy of 600 yuan/ton of commercial organic fertilizer in the process of straw for fertilizer. Since its implementation, Yongkang has recycled about 2500 tons of waste fruit and mulberry straw every year, accounting for 80% of the straw output, reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 5500 tons, directly and indirectly promoted the application of 6000 tons of commercial organic fertilizer, achieved 25000 mu of clean farmland, and promoted the cost saving of agricultural materials, interplanting under the forest and the efficiency increase of mechanical operation by 8million yuan. The open burning of straw in Yongkang City has been greatly reduced, and the comprehensive utilization rate has reached more than 95%

technological innovation - vigorously promote the demonstration and promotion of agricultural machinery and agronomy integration. Qiancang town is the main species of taro, with more than 20 planting areas of various aluminum processing enterprises. It is a Shungeng town with the main characteristics of Yongkang "Yongkang Shuntaro" national geographical indication. However, in the cultivation of Shun taro, the original agricultural machines and tools have to go through the processes of farming, harrowing, ridging, ditching and so on, and the operation process is heavy. Therefore, according to the agronomic requirements, Yongkang city actively promotes the special rotary cultivator for the production of taro to realize the one-time completion of soil crushing, ridging, ditching and other working procedures. This technological innovation results in the reduction of four agricultural machinery operation procedures for the taro planting farmers, which greatly reduces the labor intensity, improves the work efficiency, and reduces the expenditure of 150 yuan per mu for the farmers. Popularizing the hard ground seedling raising technology to replace the paddy field plate seedling raising technology has the advantages of fast rejuvenation and high survival rate, which can effectively save the seedling raising field, save manpower, save water resources, and implement industrialized seedling raising, etc. After using this technology, the Yangxi rice production professional cooperative in Yongkang City has cultivated seedlings with this technology for several nights, and the yield per mu can reach 500 kg/mu, and the yield per mu of paddy field seedlings is 410 kg/mu

management innovation - strengthen free field inspection of pure farmland operation machinery. The free on-site inspection will be included in the window "run at most once" management. Free on-site inspection shall be carried out for pure farmland operation machinery in spring and autumn of the year, and free on-site inspection shall be carried out irregularly according to needs at ordinary times; 50000 yuan will be included in the financial budget. Innovate the service mechanism of agricultural machinery, strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery service information platform, and do a good job in the organic connection between production, supply and demand. Through the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Association, Yongkang science and Technology Association, China Xingyue Group, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives (Large Grain Growers) and other industrial platforms to carry out product research and development, promotion and application, and jointly develop the promotion and application of side deep fertilizer applicator and four row high-speed rice transplanter

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