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The four ministries and commissions jointly issued the action plan for charging new energy vehicles and paid attention to relevant stocks

1 According to Baichuan information monitoring, the price of zinc products rose sharply on Monday; The latest quotation of zinc concentrate was 17120 yuan/ton, up 4.9% from the previous day; The latest quotation of zinc ingot was 21980 yuan/ton, up 4.82 from the previous day; The latest quotation of zinc alloy is 23610 yuan/ton, up 4.47% from the previous day. On the one hand, zn1902, the main contract of Shanghai zinc, once hit the daily limit in the morning trading, with the highest reported price of 21275 yuan/ton, and the largest increase in the past two days reached 7%

[comments]: the concept of price increase. Zinc prices finally showed signs of rebound after a continuous decline. Generally speaking, under the background of the weakening expectation of interest rate hike, superimposed on the possibility of supply contraction, the rebound in zinc prices is likely to continue, which can be used as the left side. The multi-material 3D printer for alloys, elastomers and resins has been launched for continuous attention.,, Etc

2. According to reports, Guizhou kaiphosphorus, the main production base of phosphorus ore in China, announced that the new price of phosphorus ore will be implemented from December 5, with the 29% grade phosphate rock truck price (tax included) increased by 80 yuan to 470 yuan/ton, the 30% grade phosphate rock truck price (tax included) increased by 80 yuan to 500 yuan/ton, and the 30% grade maoertuo ship plate tax included price increased by 80 yuan to 570 yuan/ton

[comments]: the concept of price increase. Due to the environmental protection supervision, the supply of phosphorite continues to shrink, and the demand does not have much impact. Under the background, the price still has a certain room to rise. With the superposition of strict government control, the price can maintain a high momentum., Etc

3. In the international market, crude oil, nonferrous metals and other commodities also showed a rebound trend. As of 16:30 Beijing time on December 3, the main contract of NYMEX crude oil futures in New York rose by 5.34% to $53.43/barrel; The main contract of British Brent crude oil rose by more than 5%, and the quotation was above $62/barrel

[comments]: crude oil price. Part of the two-week decline in oil prices can not be fully separated. It is beyond the imagination of the market. Oil prices further fell due to Saudi Arabia's production increase. However, the decline in oil prices has further catalyzed the reduction in production. Russia has changed its attitude, and Saudi Arabia has also begun to consider reducing production. It is estimated that the oil price is expected to continue.,,,, Etc

4. According to the first commercial vehicle, in November, China's heavy truck market sold 86000 vehicles of various types, up 7% from October and 1% from 85000 vehicles in the same period last year, successfully stopping the continuous decline since the second half of this year. Natural gas trucks contributed significantly. In November, FAW Jiefang and Shaanxi Automobile sold more than 5000 natural gas heavy trucks respectively. Aiming at zero point, some enterprises are optimistic about the market in the first quarter of next year, and have done some inventory and stock up, which also promoted the positive year-on-year growth of heavy truck sales in that month to a certain extent

[comments]: industry boom. The heavy truck market reversed the downward trend and showed a positive growth situation. On the whole, the prosperity rebounded. Although the subsequent growth is doubtful, infrastructure construction is still the means of government departments under the background of economic slowdown, and the industry still has certain structural opportunities., Etc

5. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the action plan to improve the charging guarantee capacity of new energy vehicles as part of the climate change action plan launched by President Obama last year, which proposed to strive to significantly improve the level of charging technology in three years, improve the product quality of charging facilities, accelerate the improvement of charging standard system, and comprehensively optimize the layout of charging facilities, Significantly enhance the connectivity of charging networks, rapidly upgrade the service quality of charging operations, and further optimize the development environment and industrial pattern of charging infrastructure. The plan also proposes specific safeguard measures such as actively encouraging business model innovation, continuously increasing policy support, and giving full play to the role of industry associations

[comments]: industry growth. Laying will continue to grow at a high rate. Under the possibility of high guaranteed capacity of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging piles will continue to explode. The growth of corresponding enterprise orders can be predicted, and we can continue to pay attention to the growth of operating revenue of relevant enterprises

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