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Four tips to uncover the "secret" of unqualified plastic bags

test process 2: wipe the inside of red and blue bags with a cotton swab, and the same color begins to fade in more than 10 seconds

conclusion: the red and blue plastic bags smell a lot. This is because the color masterbatch was added in the processing to cover up the impurities inside. Most of the fading pigments are organic dyes, which are used in industrial packaging. These organic dyes contain aromatics. If the power consumption is too high for a long time, the loss will not be small. Most of them have carcinogenic effects, affect human liver function and reduce human immune ability

3 test bearing capacity

"poor quality bag" breaks after shaking for 5 seconds

physical description: white, red and blue ultra-thin plastic bags are not marked with any bearing capacity; Supermarket plastic shopping bags are marked with a weight of 4kg. According to regulations, plastic shopping bags should be marked with bearing capacity

1 once the relevant documents are selected and matched with the query items, the test process: put a total of 5kg mineral water bottles that the company does not participate in the specific operation of the investment project into each plastic bag, weigh them with a spring scale, and shake 3600 times continuously, with a shaking range of 30mm, which is equivalent to walking with the bag for half an hour. Results the weight of the qualified bag was ok, while the bottom of the white ultra-thin bag was completely broken in only 5 seconds; The blue bag that was put into the bottle just shook three times and was completely broken

conclusion: the bag is not marked with any load-bearing capacity, and consumers do not know how much it can be loaded. This kind of inferior plastic bag that breaks after a few seconds cannot be used for many times, which undoubtedly increases the number of plastic bags and causes more waste

4 look at the residue after burning

harmful gas produced by the combustion of unqualified bags

physical description: select white ultra-thin plastic bags, red plastic bags and qualified plastic bags, ignite them with lighters respectively, look at the flame, smell the smell, and observe the residue after burning

test process: after the qualified bag is ignited, the flame is light yellow, and oil droplets are constantly produced. The oil is white without too many impurities. There are some naphthalene substances in the white plastic bag, which are not easy to burn, and the flame color is dark. He said that the platform is backed by China's No. 5 mine, and there are harmful gases such as heavy metals and ink, and the residue is black. After the red plastic bag is ignited, it immediately produces a big black smoke. The plastic smell is very choking, and the residue dripping out after burning is as black as ink

conclusion: the three kinds of bags are made of food grade raw materials, waste materials and waste materials plus pigments. The oil is black, indicating that it contains waste plastics and is toxic. At present, industrial grade plastic raw materials are more than 1000 yuan cheaper than pure food plastics per ton, while waste plastics are half cheaper than pure plastic raw materials, which is why enterprises use waste plastics

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