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Four industry giants jointly want to lead the qchat era

on June 17, Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou staged the "speed and passion" of the industry

on the day of the opening of the 2011 CDMA World Forum and Tianyi 3G Internet fair, a PTT (push to talk) business solution based on Chinatelecom 3G network, jointly launched by the four industry giants of U.S. youpai, Qualcomm, Chinatelecom and youkuai group, set off an unprecedented storm of "intercom encryption" in China's communication industry

"it is understandable that wave after wave of new technological revolution, while strongly promoting the rapid development of the communication industry, has also left a world-class problem of the lack of confidentiality of call content." Feng Hui, director of business development and operator relations of Qualcomm, said in an interview with China Business Daily that trunked communication had attracted great attention from the communication industry as early as seven years ago, but how to develop "one-to-one" into "one to many" while taking into account confidentiality, coupled with technical standards and other reasons, made this topic stagger forward in doubt. "Now the qchat era to solve this problem is coming", he said

"powerful" qchat

"a temporary meeting will be held in five minutes. No matter where you are, please put your work aside for a while." Sitting in a private room of a coffee shop on the Bund of Shanghai, Mr. Zhang took out qchat and allocated a notice to more than 10 middle-level cadres. At the same time, he received the response of everyone and went to the middle-level of industrialization

this kind of qchat, which has many leading functions such as "voice", SMS upgrade and call security, is a PTT service solution (including server solution and terminal solution) launched by Qualcomm, a PTT solution mainly promoted by Chinatelecom's 3G service brand "Tianyi intercom", and a data value-added service based on VoIP technology running under 3g-evdo network

it is reported that PTT, a new mobile technology, can quickly make "one-to-one" or "one to many" calls, just like using interphone. This function is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that need frequent contact and individual users who need to chat with friends and family. However, if the built-in function must be used, the PTT function cannot be used generally

after opening PTT, you can use your own to make "one-to-one" or "one to many" calls with the selected group as long as you press the corresponding button

unlike the walkie talkie, which can only talk at close range, the push to talk service can reach the place where the network can cover, and there is almost no distance limit. In addition to the advantages of free roaming, remote calling, convenient use and low cost, increasing the revenue of operators and reducing communication costs are also the main selling points of "push to talk"

qchat call process is similar to a real meeting. There is the initiator (caller) of the meeting. Members in the meeting can be late (join later), leave early (exit the call without ending the call), and join again after exiting. During the meeting, you can invite others or groups to join (invite members) the meeting to reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. The initiator can end the meeting, or if no one speaks for more than a period of time, the system will automatically end the meeting

in order to ensure that mobile calls are "absolutely confidential", 3G based qchat uses "code division multiple access" technology to assign users a random code of 242 passwords for each call, with a total of 4.4 trillion possible permutations, so it is inconceivable to crack passwords or eavesdrop on call content. Code theft can only become a theoretical possibility. In addition, due to the spread spectrum communication, the signal power transmitted into the air is very small, and it is very difficult to be "captured" in general. Due to the above dual protection, the confidentiality of the has been unprecedentedly improved

"based on the powerful integration function of qchat, it is bound to open up a new era of communication." The person in charge of Qualcomm said

feast of giants

in fact, PTT was unveiled at the 2004cebit exhibition held in Hannover, Germany, seven years ago, but due to differences in technical standards and other aspects, the pace of "instant messaging" technology in the market has not been able to accelerate

"as long as there is a market prospect, the pace of scientific research will never stop." As a technical supporter of the "encryption storm" in the communication industry at this conference, director Feng Hui of Qualcomm introduced that at that time, Qualcomm also began to study the PTT technology qchat based on CDMA2000 network. At present, its "one touch" and "confidentiality" technologies have reached maturity

as a result, in 2009, four industry giants, U.S. youpai, Qualcomm, Chinatelecom and youkuai group, jointly developed the qchat business and launched it on a large scale nationwide through the "2011cdma World Forum"

the relevant person in charge of Chinatelecom said that qchat business is based on CDMA. At present, Chinatelecom's CDMA network has covered all parts of the country, which can smoothly meet the needs of PTT operation. Moreover, the company continues to increase investment in network construction and maintenance every year, which undoubtedly lays a solid foundation for our differentiated new business to further strengthen material research and development

as for the equity and specific mode of the four giants in the cooperation, it is still unknown. It was learned that American youpai company, founded in 1987, has professional experience in the field of protective intercom terminals, and has provided a variety of intercom solutions for qchat

as a technology supported "Fortune 500 enterprise", Qualcomm, based on its CDMA and other advanced digital technologies, develops and provides the world's leading innovative digital wireless communication products and services

youkuai group, headquartered in Shanghai, is a highly influential communication product marketing and promotion organization in China. The company has a team with outstanding performance and successful promotion cases, and its service objects are widely oriented to communication operators and product suppliers with high growth potential and great added value. The group aims to help its partners achieve their business goals through advanced direct and duplex integrated marketing models such as television, newspapers and Internet

therefore, from technology to terminal to network support, "such a cooperation mode makes it stand out in the current medium and high-end intelligent market." A securities analyst in the communications industry told that compared with similar products, such as micchat or foreign KIK, PTT business solutions have more core competitiveness, rather than simply entertaining instant, confidential and clustered communications

market prospect of creative industry

like Mr. Zhang, users with qchat have increased exponentially in Shanghai

in fact, as early as October 2009, Chinatelecom "tested the water" in Shanghai beach, officially began the commercial release of trunked services, and mainly provided trunked call services for government and enterprise customers and industrial application customers

it is understood that the launch of Shanghai Telecom's qchat cluster business is the first time Chinatelecom has carried out this business on a commercial network. The scale of the commercial platform supports 100000 users, and supports other provinces across the country to carry out qchat business through a platform remotely connected to Shanghai

in terms of system, Shanghai Telecom's CDMA wireless network is jointly constructed by Alan and Huawei, and has fully supported the function of qchat service. In terms of terminals, the openness of qchat has attracted many terminal manufacturers to launch terminal products that support qchat

in 2010, Shanghai Telecom's qchat business successfully supported the WorldExpo, serving the WorldExpo venues, WorldExpo security, urban services and other fields, thus laying the foundation for its further large-scale promotion and application

he Ning, assistant general manager of Chinatelecom Tianyi terminal company, introduced that at present, the applicable customer groups of qchat professional intercom locking include: government agencies, military, police, customs, industry and commerce, taxation, administrative law enforcement, fire protection and other departments; In the field of public services, medical, communication, water supply, electricity, gas, radio and television and other departments; Among industry users, logistics, transportation, airports, railways, ports, petrochemical, mining, forestry, fisheries and other departments

"although qchat has not been launched for a long time, it can be predicted that it will rapidly grow into a huge market with infinite potential, just like its function of echoing all times." Chen Wenlei, the marketing director of youkuai group, who was busy in the exhibition hall, told that in the half day of the opening day of the fair, more than 200 dealers came to consult about the situation, and they all expressed their general optimism about the bright market prospect of qchat technology and bright new materials as one of the country's seven strategic emerging industries

insiders said that this cluster service qchat technology, which is about to change the living habits of Chinese people, is currently recognized by the industry as having the best performance and the most open industrial chain among CDMA public cluster communication technologies. Through a series of technological innovations of Chinatelecom, its qchat technology can better meet the needs of Chinese users. Just press one button, you can talk and hold meetings with people all over the country at the same time. This differentiated path decision-making is just another sharp weapon forged by Chinatelecom in the highly competitive market. China Business News

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