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"Four in one paint treasure" came out in Jiangsu

"four in one paint treasure" came out in Jiangsu

June 17, 2004

recently, an environmental protection mold proof, anti-corrosion and bactericide "four in one paint treasure" which adopts a beautiful and generous nanotechnology with mold proof, anti-corrosion, sterilization and decomposition of organic harmful gases has been successfully developed in a company in Jiangsu. Tested by Guangdong microbial analysis and testing center and Guangzhou analysis and testing center in China, this product has a wide and efficient inhibition and killing effect on various yeasts, bacteria and other microorganisms, and can solve the problems of product damage caused by bacterial pollution, deterioration, mildew, fermentation, and A series of problems such as odor "should focus on boosting the confidence of domestic and foreign-funded enterprises in the development.

relevant people pointed out that once the" four in one paint treasure "is added to the paint, it will have the special performance of purifying the air and can decompose the toxic and harmful gases in the room. In addition to its application in paint, "four in one paint treasure" can also be used in mold prevention, corrosion prevention and sterilization of laminated products of exterior wall thermal insulation materials such as detergent, textile additives, leather additives, industrial cooling circulating water, paper pulp and so on

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