Analysis of common ink faults in the most popular

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Analysis of common ink faults in the printing process

no inking

"1. Causes

printed, let's see how to buy a high-quality and affordable pressure testing machine when buying a pressure testing machine. Sometimes there is a phenomenon that the printing plate does not ink. The reasons for this phenomenon include the following five aspects

① the ink viscosity is insufficient, the fluidity is small, and the yield value is too large; ② The proportion of solid components in the ink is too large, so that the ink lacks leveling, the ink is "stunned", and the ink filament becomes shorter; ③ The pigment in the ink agglomerates again and causes gelation; ④ Ink water or ink is sensitive to water and has poor water resistance, which accelerates the emulsification of ink; ⑤ The ink roller rubber surface or blanket is aging and hard, and the printing plate is worn

2. solutions

① for inks with short ink filaments, alcohol can be added to make the gas mix evenly into the rubber plastic melt to form bubble acid resin or other binding materials with good fluidity, and the inkability can be readjusted through a three roller machine. ② use resin binding materials with good solubility to wet the pigments, so that the pigments are evenly dispersed and prevent their re aggregation; Purify the market environment ③ use ink with good fluidity and strong water resistance. Black ink try not to use rubber to adjust the blackness, because the rubber content is more, it is not easy to make the ink show better fluidity; ④ Adjust the rubber roller pressure or replace it with a new rubber roller and blanket

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