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"Four horizontal and six vertical" to build a "smart city"

as a breakthrough point for the landing of the smart earth, smart city is increasingly becoming an important measure of the overall operation efficiency, informatization degree and international competitiveness of a city. Both developed and developing countries around the world attach great importance to the construction of smart cities, and compete to formulate and implement smart city development strategies and action plans, trying to seize the strategic commanding height of modern urban development

the main content of smart city construction can be described by the three-dimensional framework of four horizontal and six vertical, which are divided into four levels: perception layer, network layer, data layer and application layer. The six verticals refer to the six supporting systems that run through all levels of smart city construction, including smart industry system, core technology system, application service system, standard and specification system, safety assurance system and operation management system

Qiu Shanqin, director of China Electronics Industry Science and Technology Exchange Center (software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology)

four layer horizontal framework

perception layer: the perception layer has strong environmental perception ability and intelligence, and realizes the identification, information collection, and security of infrastructure, environment, architecture, safety and other elements within the city through ubiquitous technologies such as bar code, RFID, intelligent terminal, sensor, etc Monitoring and control

network layer: the network layer is the communication network of the smart city, including high-capacity, high bandwidth, high reliable optical network, wireless broadband network covering the whole city, and the network integrating telecommunications, interconnection, radio and television

data layer: the data layer is the layer to realize the integration of data resources, which is processed and correlated according to intelligence and wide area. Data resources are important strategic resources for smart city construction. The full integration, openness, sharing and integration of data resources are the key links of smart city construction

application layer: the application layer is a variety of smart applications and Application Integration Based on the perception extraction layer, communication interconnection layer and data resource layer. The construction of service application layer can promote the development of informatization and intelligence in various industries, such as intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent education, etc., and can drive many industries such as modern service industry and tertiary industry

six vertical systems

smart industry system: IOT industry, cloud computing industry, as well as the software industry, integrated circuit industry, telecommunications industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, communication equipment manufacturing industry, information system security product manufacturing industry, application electronics industry and other information technology industries that provide material and technical support for the construction of smart cities are important components of the smart industry system. In addition, it also includes those traditional industries that have been transformed by information technology to better achieve the goal of smart city

core technology system: including context aware, augmented reality and other situational computing technologies; Simulation middleware, remote information service, GIS, cloud computing and other application service technologies; Broadband convergence, fiber to home, HSDPA and wireless broadband, IPv6 and other communication technologies; Ubiquitous sensor network, RFID, SOC, GPS and other equipment and device technologies

application service system: including smart transportation, smart municipal management, smart energy conservation and other municipal facilities applications; Smart government, smart medicine, smart culture and education and other public service applications; Smart community, smart public safety, smart environmental protection, smart food and drug safety and other social management applications; Smart manufacturing, smart power, smart tourism, smart logistics and other industrial economic applications

standard and specification system: it is mainly composed of information technology basic standard system, information resource standard system, network infrastructure standard system, information security standard system, application standard system, management standard system, etc

security system: including network security, server security, operating system security, database security and application system security; The security technologies that rely on include cryptography, which lists the new material industry as one of the seven major emerging industries that Nanjing focuses on developing, identity authentication, access control, virtual private and public key infrastructure, etc

operation management system: mainly from the two aspects of organization guarantee and operation management mechanism, establish standards and norms for the organization, talent team, project management, data maintenance, performance evaluation and other aspects of the smart city, so as to ensure the smooth realization of the expected goals of the smart city

six measures push down the weight into smart city construction

formulate smart city strategic planning and implementation plan, and steadily promote smart city construction

first of all, do a good job in the top-level planning and design of smart city development. The planning should highlight the personality and characteristics of the city itself, and cannot simply copy the planning and heat radiation, heat convection and heat conduction schemes of other cities. It should be tailored, scientifically planned and carefully designed with a global vision and strategic vision. Secondly, cities should correctly handle the relationship between planning, construction and management in the process of smart city construction. Planning determines the direction of urban development, construction determines the level of urban quality, and management determines the core competitiveness of a city

strengthen the understanding and attention to the process of smart city construction, and pay attention to people-oriented

realize that smart city construction is a long-term and complex system engineering, which cannot be achieved overnight. Smart city construction needs to consider key factors such as the current development stage and future development orientation of the city, and requires huge financial resources and a good foundation for urban development. At the same time, the construction of smart cities should focus on people-oriented. It is clear that the core of smart city construction is to take meeting the interests of the broad masses of the people as the starting point and foothold rooted at both ends of the capacitor

strengthen the research and development of core technologies, master independent intellectual property rights, and attach great importance to safety and controllability.

in the process of smart city construction, we should guide all sectors of industry, University and research to strengthen the research and development of core technologies, focus on cultivating enterprises with independent property rights, and improve their core competitiveness. In the process of smart city construction, we should pay attention to the promotion of domestic software and hardware and solutions, promote the development of smart city construction towards an independent and controllable direction, and improve industrial safety. Carry out research on security system, security countermeasures, security technology and security equipment, and build a national information security assurance system under the new situation

do a good job in smart city standardization and strengthen the construction of smart city standard system

plan the tasks of each stage of smart city standardization according to the current situation of technological development and demand, and carry out the standard development in related fields in a planned and phased manner. Focus on the development of technical standards with relatively weak foundation and a large gap with foreign countries, and do a good job in the implementation of important basic and public standards. Strengthen the collaboration and resource integration of standardization institutions, strive to solve the coordination problems between different standards, carry out extensive international cooperation, and constantly strive for a voice in international standards

promote and improve the development, sharing and exchange mechanism of information resources, strengthen the integration of information resources

establish a multi-level, cross regional, cross departmental and cross domain information resource development and sharing mechanism, and improve the utilization rate of information resources. Vigorously promote the construction of various basic platforms and databases, integrate the existing resources of various departments and fields in the city, and realize the comprehensive integration and collaborative application of resources. Accelerate the construction of the catalogue and exchange system of government information resources, accelerate the cultivation of the information resources market, and study and establish the property right system of information resources

establish an evaluation index system, clarify the reference objectives and evaluation basis of smart city construction

actively promote the research and establishment of smart city evaluation index system, systematically, scientifically, quantitatively and intuitively evaluate the technical and economic value and performance of smart city, and constantly make dynamic adjustments according to the actual construction situation in the process of smart city construction, Gather political, industrial, academic, research and other forces to modify and improve the smart city evaluation index system, and timely provide reliable reference objectives and scientific evaluation basis for smart city construction

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