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Tianjin Municipal Department of industry and Commerce connected four fake wine packaging dens

People's Tianjin window, January 11: the inspection team of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, together with the inspection detachment of Jinghai Industrial and commercial branch, removed four large-scale black dens selling full packages of fake famous wines overnight yesterday, and seized a large number of internal and external packages of fake famous wines, anti-counterfeiting signs, gifts and other related items. It is reported that the scale of the case of selling fake famous wine packaging seized by the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce is rare in recent years

at about 4 a.m. yesterday, I followed a group of industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to hide near one of the fake sales dens and wait for the execution of the order. After the action began, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers destroyed the four dens selling fake famous wine packaging at one fell swoop. They rushed to the scene one after another and found that these dens were hidden in the county residents. Then a more serious problem came. It was not often easy to find the ABS plastic area, the rural waste brick yard, and the seemingly ordinary farmyard beside the rural road, which were currently used in Lego building blocks, in order to find sustainable materials to replace them. According to the investigation, although the three dens are far away, the owners are all the same suspects involved. According to the person involved in the case, the reason for the cunning is that it is not easy to be found and does not attract the attention of the industry and Commerce Department. It was found at the scene that the suspect involved in the case divided his three dens roughly. Some specially sold fake packaging boxes and packaging boxes, some sold fake wine bottles, bottle caps, signs, trademarks, bags, gifts, etc., and another specially wholesale a full set of packaging and dozens of boxes of raw wine used for canning fake and famous wine

in one of the remote rural small courtyard dens, there are six interconnected rooms in the 300 square meter courtyard, which store a large number of inner and outer packages and auxiliary packages of Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Moutai, Shuijingfang, Guojiao 1573 and other famous wines. The completeness of these counterfeit goods is amazing. In addition to wine bottles, bottle caps, labels, trademarks and inner and outer packaging boxes, even the golden silk lining, tags, gifts, anti-counterfeiting labels and recognizers used to identify anti-counterfeiting labels in high-end packaging boxes are also available

by the time of press release, the Department of industry and Commerce had seized more than 500 outer packaging boxes, 15575 inner packaging boxes, 19581 wine bottles, 16945 bottle caps, and 5292 boxes of raw wine (Mianzhu Daqu) used for canning fake famous wine. It is reported that relevant items are still being counted. (Wang Shaofang, Gong Shangjian)

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