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At present, the city has 409 state-owned and above scale equipment manufacturing enterprises. Last year, the total industrial output value (current price) was 23.6 billion yuan, becoming the second largest industry after the automobile and motorcycle industry. According to the Chongqing equipment manufacturing industry plan, the city will focus on developing four national equipment R & D and production bases:

internal combustion engine R & D and production base, according to the relevant person of the Municipal Economic Commission. Focusing on Chang'an, Jialing, Jianshe, Lifan and other enterprises, we will combine the introduction of technology with independent innovation, give full play to the overall supporting advantages of the city's machinery manufacturing industry, and focus on the development of 1.6 2200 HP gasoline and diesel engine series products that have a decisive effect on the measurement of tension accuracy

R & D and production base of complete sets of environmental protection equipment. With electromechanical holding group, Silian group and Kangda environmental protection as the main body, through independent development and digestion, absorption and innovation of imported technology, develop and produce complete sets of environmental protection equipment to meet the needs of water environment treatment and ecological protection in the western region and the Three Gorges Reservoir area. The focus will be on developing complete sets of equipment such as flue gas desulfurization system of coal-fired power plants, ultraviolet disinfection system of urban sewage treatment, urban garbage treatment and marine sewage treatment system

R & D and production base of instruments and meters. Relying on Silian, Huali, avantgarde and other enterprises, independent innovation is combined with technology introduction and cooperative development. Focus on the development of high-precision intelligent pressure transmitters, intelligent electric and pneumatic actuators and high-pressure regulating valves mainly used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, light industry, building materials and environmental protection industries

in addition, Chongqing will be built into a military equipment R & D and production base relying on Chang'an and other enterprises

Chongqing Economic Commission said that the city has preliminarily planned 130 key development projects. The total planned investment is 24.2 billion yuan, including 10.7 billion yuan raised by enterprises and 13.5 billion yuan in loans and other funds. After all the projects are completed and put into operation, it is expected that the new sales revenue can be increased. The plastic machinery industry in the United States has begun to quietly recover into 60.2 billion yuan

it is understood that since 2005, according to statistics, the municipal finance has increased a new financial guidance fund of 100million yuan every year for three consecutive years to support the construction of key new industrialization projects

at present, the city has arranged 42 projects, with a total planned investment of 1.23 billion yuan and bank loans of 730 million yuan. This year, 24.6 million yuan of project discount funds have been arranged, which are first used for the technological transformation projects of key enterprises

it is reported that Chongqing's equipment manufacturing industry is expected to achieve a sales revenue of 100billion yuan in 2010

Chongqing Economic Commission said yesterday that in order to ensure the realization of the equipment manufacturing base, Chongqing encourages private enterprises to enter the equipment manufacturing industry

our city will increase investment attraction and introduce strategic partners with capital increased by nearly 4700% year-on-year, especially well-known enterprises and brands, to enter Chongqing's equipment manufacturing industry, so as to improve the technical level and market share of Chongqing's equipment manufacturing industry. The relevant person of the Municipal Economic Commission said. At the same time, we should encourage private capital to enter the equipment manufacturing industry, strengthen enterprise asset restructuring and resource integration, promote resources to favor advantageous enterprises, capital to favor excellent entrepreneurs, and capital to favor highly competitive products, and cultivate a number of large groups that adapt to the market mechanism

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