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China's four major national oil companies all entered the site, and SINOCHEM Lantian jinleng lubricant was officially released

China's four major national oil companies all entered the site, and SINOCHEM Lantian jinleng lubricant was officially released

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there are paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom, fireworks in March, and Hangzhou. On March 18, 2018, on the Chinese traditional festival of February 2, the rise of the dragon, Sinochem Lantian Group Co., Ltd., a member of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd., grandly released the "Golden Cold" brand lubricant in Hangzhou to better lead the healthy development of the industry. With the theme of "Sinochem jinleng Xinrun China", this press conference will inject new impetus into "jinleng", the first brand of domestic automotive refrigerant. So far, China's four major national oil companies have all entered the lubricating oil market, and the new pattern, new order, new concept and new journey will be opened accordingly

Marco Hui, chairman, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Sinochem Lantian Group Co., Ltd., Yu Xiaogang, deputy general manager and chairman and general manager of Sinochem Lantian Group Trade Co., Ltd., Mr. Ma Bin, general manager of the marketing center of Sinochem Lantian Group Trade Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Junfeng, deputy general manager of Sinochem Lantian Group Trade Co., Ltd., and Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, Yang Junjie, deputy chief engineer of PetroChina lubricants and initiator of China Standard Alliance for engine lubricants, senior guests from additive companies and scientific research institutions such as Lubrizol, yafuton, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Evonik, Shenyang academy of Sciences, industry renowned experts, Sinochem Lantian regional partners and other heavyweight guests. As the first portal of lubricating oil integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information () was invited to attend this grand ceremony to jointly witness the birth of jinleng lubricating oil and open a magnificent chapter of a new era of lubricating oil with the industry

on site of the release ceremony

speech by Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of automobile manufacturers

China lubricants information and a cordial group photo of Sinochem blue sky enterprise leaders

Sinochem jinleng Xinrun China

Sinochem Group Co., Ltd., the parent company of Sinochem jinleng lubricants, was founded in 1950, formerly known as China National Chemical Import and Export Corporation. It is one of China's four major national oil companies and one of the world's top 500 enterprises, It is an innovative comprehensive chemical enterprise based on petrochemical industry and led by material science and life science. It is a limited diversified investment holding company covering real estate and finance

Sinochem Group's vision is to build a great company with global status and respect. For more than 60 years, Sinochem Group has been persistently promoting strategic transformation and management reform, and the enterprise has developed continuously, healthily and rapidly. In the past ten years, Sinochem Group has accelerated the extension to the upstream and downstream of the petroleum industry chain and green fine chemistry, and has developed into a large energy and green fine chemical enterprise with international characteristics and a complete industrial chain. It has the ability to operate and serve the whole petrochemical industry chain, from oil and gas exploration and development, petroleum refining to warehousing and logistics, distribution and retail, and is engaged in fluorine chemical industry, pesticide medicine Lithium battery has leading advantages in new energy and new materials

this entry into the lubricant market is based on the strategic guidance of the extension of the oil industry chain and the application of automotive materials. By further integrating internal resources and giving full play to the advantages of the industry chain, we will create a brand-new, green and environmentally friendly Chinese high-end lubricant brand that meets the needs of China's future market development

the site of the release ceremony

ten years of cold start, central enterprise quality run China

Sinochem Lantian, as a leading R & D and production enterprise of fluorochemicals in China, ranks first in the production scale and market share of the country and even the world in many sub sectors. "Jinleng" brand refrigerant is the common choice of 80% of domestic vehicle manufacturers, and has long served Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other international well-known enterprises; After entering the automotive aftermarket in 2008, it has always ranked first in the industry, providing safe and comfortable services to more than 10million car owners every year, and has established a perfect authorized service network in 189 cities and more than 500 counties across the country. The entry of "jinleng" brand into the lubricating oil market this time is not only a supplement and extension of the existing business in the automotive aftermarket, but also a continuous play to the strong appeal and brand influence of "jinleng" brand in the automotive aftermarket, bringing Chinese people high-end lubricating oil with the linear high-molecular chain of central enterprises and producing sliding quality

jinleng lubricant is the specific carrier of Sinochem Lantian's "Tianlan 360 strategy". It is an important part of the company's three business layout of "refrigeration + lubrication + maintenance" with the concept of environmental protection, health and technology. It truly integrates products, brands and services, and provides customers with a zero worry consumption experience

all jinleng lubricating oil products use international top-level synthetic base oils and composite additives, and have established in-depth strategic cooperation relations with many well-known research institutions at home and abroad. The strong have jointly developed a unique "sky blue technology", committed to "cleaning the core, traveling farther and discharging less", while deeply improving the fuel economy of lubricating oil, keeping the engine clean and minimizing the emission of pollutants

in this golden cold lubricating oil launch camp, a total of 14 SKUs of 5 gasoline engine oil products were released, namely Pro u9, pro T, pro U6, pro U5, pro U3; Among them, pro t is the first lubricating oil product specially developed for in cylinder direct injection and turbocharged engines in China

jinleng lubricating oil

start again after ten years of cold, and the quality of central enterprises will enrich China! The release of jinleng lubricant brand means that Sinochem Lantian's "Tianlan 360 strategy" is fully launched, indicating the arrival of a new era of lubricants

mark Hui, chairman, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Sinochem Lantian Group Co., Ltd., made a speech.

Sinochem Lantian Dong sincerely welcomes the majority of users to call and consult our company's experimental machine chief, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager, mark Hui, said that today, Lantian dream increasingly places human expectations for a better life. As a central enterprise, Sinochem Lantian has always been committed to expanding and strengthening the national brand, making every effort to seek happiness for the people of the country and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! To build "jinleng" into a high-end brand of automobile maintenance and help realize the Chinese dream and the blue sky dream is the unswerving pursuit of Sinochem blue sky people

guest speech

shoulder the great trust of the times and serve the future of the industry with the power of brand

at present, the competition in the lubricating oil industry is very fierce. Why Sinochem Lantian dares to "cross the border" and become a "oil salesman" is the concern of many media on the scene. Facing the questions of the on-site media, Mr. Ma Bin, general manager of the marketing center of Sinochem Lantian Group Trading Co., Ltd., described the listing trip of jinleng lubricants with "deliberate" and "ready to go". "We have been working in the automotive aftermarket for a long time. Jinleng lubricating oil carries the two major concepts of Sinochem bluesky scientific and technological innovation and environmental friendliness. If it doesn't sound good, it will become a blockbuster." Mr. Ma said, "relying on the position of refrigerant in the automotive aftermarket, we are the fulcrum to leverage the jinleng lubricant market; the integration of jinleng lubricant from research, refining, production to terminal is the prominent feature of jinleng brand."

in the face of fierce competition, how can Sinochem Lantian help dealers bid farewell to the ordinary and help terminals stand out? Mr. Li Junfeng, deputy general manager of the marketing center of Sinochem Lantian Group Trading Co., Ltd., said that in the long-term development process, Sinochem Lantian has a set of "soft power" of the enterprise, that is, the determination to devote to the market and the sincerity to serve customers. For example, during the contact with refrigerant dealers, Zhongtian Lantian's determination and sincerity moved many customers. "They have never seen such a central enterprise salesman: get up at 7:00 every morning, have a meeting at 7:30, and leave at 8:00; come back at 6:00 p.m., and have to make a summary at 7:00." In the business process, Chinablue also created a set of standardized service processes to make the enterprise's market trip more smooth. "The threshold of the automotive aftermarket is indeed high, but the road is coming out. We work together with dealers to study, explore and move towards thousands of households!"

in terms of products, jinleng lubricating oil takes gasoline engine oil as its main product. "Research and development is a complete set. Diesel engine oil, gearbox oil and other series of oil products are our research and development objects, and we have done positioning and quality control. Our ideas are steady, solid market, step by step." President Li revealed that the next step of the group's plan is to conform to the current trend of the automotive post market, enter the field of comprehensive automobile maintenance stores, based on the refrigerant foundation, and focus on the brand highlight of "fresh air maintenance", and the relevant stores will start business as soon as April

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