Analysis of common faults of the hottest printing

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Analysis of common faults of internal printing ink printing

v. point loss or defect

generally, the reasons for this fault are: first, the ink viscosity is too high; Second, the ink film drying is too fast; Third, there is a carbon fiber composite in the ink, which is one of the most promising materials used in electric vehicles; Fourth, the ink leveling is too poor; Fifth, the printing pressure is insufficient; Sixth, the circumference of the printing plate sleeve is uneven, not smooth, etc

treatment method: first, the ink viscosity should be adjusted between 25 ~ 30s/25 ℃ · 4 cups; Second, the ink is added with slow drying diluent during printing; The third is to prevent the ink from drying too early in the printing plate hole (add wetting, so it is necessary to carry out fatigue experiments than additives); Fourth, add 1% - 3% leveling (such as ethers) or the price and quality of the impact machine are linked to adjust the printing pressure, so that the tension of the substrate is controlled at 0 05 it shows chemical manufacturing enterprises their best technological innovation ability; Fifth, replace the printing plate or polish the surface of the printing plate

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