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The use of crusher equipment should pay attention to environmental protection

[China Packaging News] we want high-speed economic development, and we also want green water and green mountains. How to integrate the development of modern industry with the environment and as early as January 2016, polypropylene piping system for cold and hot water gb/t18742.1, 2, 3 (2) 0021 is the theme that contemporary people always pay attention to. The development of mechanization provides more possibilities for modern economy. At the same time, when using these mechanical equipment, such as jaw crusher, it produces a lot of dust and dust, which causes serious pollution to the environment and leads us to think about environmental protection

1. When the humidity of the crushed material is high, the bag type dust collector entering the dust collector is easy to paste the bag, and the feeder is easy to block the data storage, resulting in the decline of the ventilation capacity of the bag type dust collector and serious dust

2. The filter area of bag filter used in jaw crusher is small, and the exhaust volume is insufficient. It is difficult to form a certain micro negative pressure in the dust cover and crushing cavity of the blanking opening, and the dust is relatively large

3. There are many failures of bag filter and supporting parts, which not only affect the normal dust removal, but also increase the maintenance workload of the equipment

4. During the falling process of materials on the belt conveyor, the air flow and materials enter the closed dust removal hood together, and the dusty gas diffuses outside the hood, polluting the environment

5. In actual production, when the materials are dry, they are often broken. These materials are used in the railway and aerospace fields to spray water at the inlet of the machine, which aggravates the blockage of the filter bag paste bag and the feeder of the bag filter. As the bag type dust collector is intermittent dust removal, in order to reduce the dust caused by the air leakage of jaw crusher housing, the air leakage of dividing wheel should be paid attention to

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