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Pay attention to the content strategy when promoting the website (3)

Third, the content strategy to improve the ranking

let's first understand the principle of Alexa ranking: Alexa ranking is based on the access of Alexa Toolbar users. The high ranking of Alexa does not mean that the real traffic of the station is high. The high and low ranking of Alexa is not necessarily proportional to the traffic of the station. It has formed a global impact in the three major sub sectors of magnetic materials, high-performance metal materials, and new synthetic materials. For example, a station has only 100 visits per day, but if all 100 people have installed Alexa plug-ins, it will rank at least within 50000

that is, the strain at a certain point of an elastic element ε It is proportional to the force on the elastic element. That is to say, to improve Alexa ranking, we must find ways to increase the proportion of Alexa Toolbar users among visitors. What kind of people like to install Alexa toolbars? How to attract them to visit the station

1. Foreign population. Because I don't know much about the needs of foreign users, I won't comment

2. Personal webmaster. For individual webmasters, how to make money by using the station is their favorite content, followed by the content related to station construction, operation, promotion, SEO, etc

3. Industry population. It mainly refers to Internet practitioners, who prefer more content, mainly focusing on business exchanges and industry information

you can appropriately increase the content that is attractive to the above three groups according to the situation of your own station. Even if the station theme has nothing to do with them, you should also find ways to increase it. The largest silver carp in our mouth is half a meter long: "if you have content, you have to create content without content." If your station is really out of touch with the above three groups, then provide three sets of the most conservative solutions

a. all of you should install the Alexa Toolbar

b, add relevant webmaster tools. For example, Alexa ranking query

"C. publish experience sharing articles in some webmaster media and leave an address

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