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Digital cameras should pay attention to daily protection

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the number of cameras in the family is also increasing. Under the digital phase, we will make a brief introduction one by one for the above various types of durometers. 9. The experimental machine meets the national standard gb/t3803 ⑵ 002 "inspection of pendulum impact testing machine". The machine has become the mainstream of family purchase with its convenient operation and other advantages. The emergence of digital expansion technology in Yining City has brought more convenient conditions for the consumer groups using digital cameras, and the production process has developed in any direction beneficial to the benefits of enterprises, which has made digital cameras more and more popular, and made Yining city more and more dealers who operate digital cameras and are vertical to the axis. However, due to some people's lack of knowledge of the daily maintenance of digital cameras, digital cameras can not play their due role, but also bring some inconvenience. According to the interview, the following aspects should be paid attention to in the protection of digital cameras:

lens: the lens should be cleaned only when it is very necessary. A little dust on the lens will not affect the image quality. When cleaning, use a soft brush and blow a balloon to remove dust. Fingerprints are very harmful to the pigment coating of the lens and should be removed as soon as possible. When not in use, it is best to cover the lens cover to reduce the number of cleaning. When cleaning the lens, first remove the dust particles with a soft brush and blowing balloon, and then use the lens cleaning cloth. Drop a small drop of lens cleaning liquid on the wiping paper, be careful not to drop the cleaning liquid directly on the lens, and repeatedly wipe the lens surface with special cotton paper, and then wipe the lens with a piece of clean cotton gauze until the lens is dry. If you don't have a special cleaning solution, you can breathe on the lens surface. Although the effect is not as good as cleaning solution, it can also play the purpose of making the lens clean. In addition, never use hard paper, paper towels or napkins to clean the lens. These products contain scraping wood pulp, which will seriously damage the fragile coating on the camera lens. When cleaning other parts of the camera, do not use volatile substances such as solvent benzene and pesticides, so as to avoid deformation or even dissolution of the camera

battery: digital cameras mainly rely on batteries to provide power, but if you use mismatched batteries or don't pay attention to saving, the battery will run out when you don't take a few photos. Of course, the battery will eventually run out. When you find that the battery is running out, you need to replace it immediately. Most people don't pay much attention to the cleaning of batteries. In order to avoid the problem of power loss, please keep the contact points at both ends of the battery and the interior of the battery cover clean. If necessary, gently wipe with a soft, clean dry cloth. In addition, before using the charging battery, please use a soft dry cloth to clean the contact points at both ends of the battery, and try to keep the contact points at both ends of the battery clean, so as to ensure that the battery can be fully charged. If the electrode of the battery is oxidized, wipe it off. If there is serious oxidation or falling off, replace the battery immediately

liquid crystal display: color liquid crystal display is an important characteristic component of digital camera, which is not only expensive, but also vulnerable to damage. Therefore, special attention should be paid to protection during use. During use and storage, pay attention not to let the surface of the color LCD screen be squeezed by heavy objects, but also pay attention not to drop the camera to the ground to avoid damaging the LCD screen; The surface of the color LCD is dirty, so you can only wipe it gently with a clean soft cloth. Generally, you can't clean it with organic solvent. When the temperature is quite low, the brightness displayed on the LCD will be very low. Once the temperature rises, the brightness will automatically return to normal; There is a lamp behind the color LCD that cannot be seen from the surface. If the image displayed by the color LCD becomes dark, or the image is spotted, or the image cannot be displayed at all, it is mostly caused by the aging of the bulb. In this case, it is generally necessary to replace the corresponding bulb

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